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Our team consists of experienced educators who can share their insights on a wide range of topics within and around education.

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Meet The Team


Dr.  Liu

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Ph.D.(Doctorate in Philosophy of Education) , researcher,university teacher, and educator. Has deep insights into international, multilingual and intercultural education. Has over 10 years of experience working in dfifferent levels of education in both China and Finland.   Area of specialization: language education, teacher education, international education, initercultural education.

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Lindsay Tang

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 A well-loved and respected teacher, and an experienced traveler. Has rich experience and deep insights about studying abroad.  Has worked in Canadian and Chinese schools for more than 10 years. 


Dr. Layne

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Ph.D. (Doctorate in Philosophy of Education) Experienced researcher, consultant, university teacher, and educator. Has worked in multiple countries as a consultant,  university teacher and researcher. (US, Singapore, Finland). Has a deep insight into Finnish  and Singaporean education. Areas of specialization: Intercultural education and internationalization of curriculum, social context of education, early childhood education and teacher education.  

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Communnity of Experts 

We are also working with education experts from

China, Finland and other parts of the world that

we can invite to share their expertise on specific

topics as requested by our clients. 

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